Words cannot describe the beauty of the light I saw. Like a picture of a sunset, it can be described in detail, but there is no comparison to standing at the waterfront watching and feeling the sun on one’s face. The beauty I could not have imagined. Home. Then as I tried to grasp it, it went, a beauty not to be touched.


My initiation felt profound and strong and it has propelled me into much deeper meditational states. Even though I am still struggling a bit to always hear the Sound, the Light is with me immediately and seems to have a great deal to teach me. The initiation has helped me understand the mission of Light and Sound in both a more personal and universal manner and has invigorated my spiritual practice at all levels of being. I am truly grateful to have received this energy and hope to one day pass it on to others. I am feeling such gratitude for this blessing.


Calmness and stillness within leads us to a great shift into a State where nothing is needed and nothing is desired.  We just realize being  free.
The mind and the body does not meditate neither does it receive Enlightenment. Only the Self is what realizes itself and from that  realization the true knowledge is downloaded into form. God realization is an ultimate goal as mind can’t comprehend it. There is no beginning and no end. It’s beyond birth and death. One feels Being everywhere and time and space disappears. It’s the highest Bliss and Inspiration that fades away all concepts. Enlightenment is realized in an instant when no expectation is playing a role. It’s a true realization of the Self, it’s the Soul/Essence which has lost its identity that is Enlightened and realizes its presence everywhere and in everything.
I just realized my Completeness, my absolute Presence in everything and all the time. It’s the highest Bliss ever beyond death and birth. It’s a state where your Soul is revealed to other unlimited places with amazing radiance and true Essence of our manifestation.
Enlightenment is not knowledge and achievement. Only the mind struggles to learn, look for, achieve , search and desires. That is why the mind never meditates nor is Enlightened. Enlightenment is being. The best meditation appears when we  surrender and allow ourselves to Be and just let everything Be. Then unexpectedly one comes to realize Oneself. It’s beyond imagination. Neither our body nor our mind meditates and gets enlightened. It’s our self which is being realized by itself, it’s our Soul/Essence which is enlightened. It’s God realization.
Knowledge is limits. The true Knowledge is revealed or downloaded to a form when we go beyond limits and surrender to ourselves as we find ourselves free from limits and one with Everything.
Thank you for your guidance and I would love to thank the Hierarchy for the Grace. I know it’s priceless. The best way is to serve others and guide others to this amazing journey. It is possible and available to all of us.


Initially I was reluctant to write a testimonial; there is no combination of any words whatsoever that could express anywhere near what Enlightenment means, not only when I realised it but even now two months later. I am still somewhat reluctant, so please, let me write an Inspiration instead. 
Many years ago when I was just starting my meditation journey, an Adept took time talk to me. It was only for a few minutes but that five minutes changed my life.
In regards to the journey ahead he said: “There’s going to be a lot of rough patches and a lot of diamonds”. That has stayed with me to this day. That, and the Love he showed by choosing to take the time to sit with me and inspire me. Even in my Spiritual ignorance, I knew then, that he was coming from a place of Love. I did not KNOW that All Embracing Love in the way that I know it now, but I caught an essence of it, and was touched inexplicably by it in a way that has inspired me ever since. All along this journey I have felt or witnessed this Love from First Initiates, Second Initiates and Adepts alike, and this has drawn me further into an incredible Spiritual Journey. 
Upon realising the Enlightened state for the first time, my first proper real thought was: Right, how can I get this LOVE down to the people, down to the practical level on which we operate our daily lives? The thinking part of me felt desperate to channel this Pure Love down somehow, for everyone to experience. 
I still don’t have an answer to this, other than to be a channel of Love myself. It is this Love for everyone and everything which has led me to sit down and try and put some words down in the hope of inspiring others to reach this LOVE too. Please do, please continue on your journey to reach Enlightenment, I am sure it will be more worth it than you can possibly imagine. We are all small on the outside, with ups, downs, jobs, families, bad weather, bad luck, good times, laughs and tears, that’s life. But remember, on the inside we are all LOVE – massive Love – whatever stage of meditating you are currently at. BE that Love, be it, so that the inside can transcend the outside. Live that Love the best you can, even just for a moment, and you might inspire someone too. Everything starts with Love.