Meditating or focusing on your body’s natural rhythm of breathing is a quick and easy way to develop your concentration and ability to be still. The benefit is realised when practised regularly and can have a profound and powerful effect.

In simply observing your breath during meditation, just ‘letting things be’, you will automatically enjoy the many health benefits of meditation, as well as giving you excellent preparation to receive the Light and Sound energy.

We have noticed that the people who are able to relax, be present or gently concentrate and ‘let things be’ during meditation are more able to connect to the energy. So, it is important you practice and learn these very natural skills. We realise many people are already experienced meditators and you may be one of them, so you probably know how to relax well anyway.

You may be offered a mantra as further preparation for receiving the Light and Sound energy. With daily meditation, an inner stillness can become a natural experience, which is a useful quality for connecting with and being shown your true essence with the Light and Sound energy. The reason inner stillness is so useful is because you are better able to just ‘be’ in meditation without any judgements.

What Can I Expect From Practising This Meditation / What Are The Benefits?

Light and Sound meditation offers you the chance to realize profound insights that result in knowing your true spiritual and human essence. With this knowing comes the opportunity to transmit Love to the planet (see FAQ) to be more present and grounded in your everyday life and to offer other people this wonderful opportunity. When a person receives the energy for the first time we refer to this generally as ‘initiation.’

We don’t want to give you too many concepts and ideas prior to the Initiation. We want you to discover things for yourself. We also realize everyone is different and so what you experience will be unique to you personally. It is like embarking on a course of study that has been designed specifically for you.

Because it is transcendental – (see FAQs on ‘Enlightenment’and our ‘Testimonials’) – it is transformative. Finally, when this Path is revealed it will give you an Ultimate purpose that will manifest as Peace, Joy and of course LOVE.

 These words do not fully express the revelation of the beauty and splendour, the awe inspiring wonder of what meditating on the inner Light and Sound offers. For each individual it is possible to experience and realise incredible things that may change the way you view your life and the universe you live in. This is not an exaggeration.

We want you to experience the Inner Light and Sound easily and with the offer of support and guidance. We want you to know your complete nature, your spiritual essence, for yourself and all that you are. That is the importance of this message, that is the reason we are here because together we can enjoy knowing an even greater wonder of being human on this beautiful planet.

Access to meditate with this Energy is made by physical touch, from an experienced Light and Sound meditator. This is someone who has realised and, whose awareness has returned from an inner state that is complete, one thing everywhere without another, limitless, perfect and truly ‘Home’, with nowhere it is not. Paradoxically, and intellectually puzzling, it has nothing to do with the personality of the individual concerned, giving rise to the declaration, ‘the personality does not get enlightened.’ It is not an easy thing to describe!