North-East Meditation

I am joy the moment unborn - that fires eternity. Within the very pulse of life - stillness, bursting on stillness. I am life the bright heart unbearable and free. I am the fruit within the seed.

The source of all life is a stream of energy, from whose essence, which is love, all existence springs. With our Meditation it is this energy you are meditating on.

Are you looking for something, some understanding of what is this being alive, in this world? Maybe you’ve always felt different in some sense, in that you want answers to life’s fundamental questions? Or to put it another way is there more to life than shopping?

What the world needs now is Love. Discover for yourself a Love that is everywhere at once, like an ocean, no place unfound, no space unfilled.

The Light and Sound Inner Energy

When meditating you can know a dynamic inner Light and Sound showing you a greater awareness of who and what you really are beyond the mind, the body the emotions and the physical universe. This Light and Sound energy is a thing of such beauty and intelligence it leaves you in awe to wonder at the possibilities within you. This inner energy is given by brief touch from an experienced meditator and the Light and Sound is said to be made available by a hierarchy of spiritual beings.

Meditating with the Light and Sound gives you the opportunity to know that you exist beyond your personality and physical body. In meditation it is then possible for you to know there is intelligence, beauty, and wisdom that exists in other places not of this physical world. You can know the absolute beauty of infinite Love that is everywhere - an ocean of bliss during meditation!

It’s all supported by Love, a greater Love connecting and uniting us through an infinite universe. It gives a greater purpose to our existence on this planet and when we feel Love’s caress and insistent pull toward the inner practice of meditation we realize an inner peace and wisdom beyond which is rarely experienced. To use an analogy, it’s like Dr Who’s Tardis. As you’ll know, if you have ever watched the TV programme ‘Dr Who,’ the Tardis is ‘bigger on the inside than the outside’. Human beings have always sought to explore every corner of this planet we call home, whilst also yearning to explore the universe that lies beyond this planet. What we offer is the opportunity to explore and know the spiritual universe on the inside! There are growing numbers of people globally who know this for themselves by meditating with the Light and Sound energy. 

If you’ve read this far, maybe you are interested to know more? We do not ask you to believe what is being said, you have to discover it yourself. Unlike organised religions, there are no books or teachings you need to digest and take on board. This journey is all about your own discoveries about who you are. Really, that is the only way for you to proceed, what we will do is guide and assist you. Nothing written here is designed to ‘convince’ you. Keep this in mind as you explore our website.