There are no fees whatsoever, either for Mantras, Spiritual States, or to any person or organisation. We use The Pay it Forward principle.

We do not ask for payments before, during or after you receive the Light and Sound energy. We are happy for you to contribute or donate, if you choose, in a way that will help support other people who may be interested in the Light and Sound meditation.

the Pay it Forward principle means that, if you wish to contribute, you may decide to contribute toward the locating and hiring of a suitable venue for Light and Sound Meditation Days. You may decide to offer your time in supporting people who are meditating in preparation to receive the Energy or creating a group in your local area for new Light and Sound meditators.

Or to give another example, you may decide to contribute toward the travel expense of someone you know, who has financial difficulty in travelling to receive the Energy.

The choice is always yours, to do what you think best with your time and money.

The idea that you are going to be able to still the mind or block out your thoughts is a myth. Here’s an analogy. Picture a quiet, uninterrupted, small pond in the countryside somewhere. The water is perfectly clear so that you can see right down to the bottom. If you took a stick and stirred the pond, all the sediment would swirl around and make the water muddy – until it settled again over time. Meditation is like this, in that the muddy water is your mind, busy chuntering on and on. Breath Meditation allows your mind (the mud and debris) to gradually quiet.

Practising Light and Sound meditation, you will have profound insights that result in knowing your true spiritual and human essence, see the ‘Testimonials’ page to see what people have written about this. We refer to three stages of the spiritual journey,

First – ‘Initiation,’ access to the Inner Light and Sound energy for meditation

Second – The Realisation that you do exist beyond the mind and body and physical universe.

Third – Enlightenment - realising a state of Being that is complete, the realisation of one energy which exists everywhere (there is nowhere it is not), and it is Love as a most expansive, complete Being.

This Second stage revelation allows us to transcend the source of the mind - proving without doubt that our awareness is now greater than that source. This is a massive expansion in our awareness. We now recognise that our being cannot be contained within an individual life. At this point our awareness can be said to be ‘’beyond the mind’. Our sense of identity, what we might call our centre, has expanded, and is now greater than the mind itself.

So, returning to the question, “I found it impossible to still the mind”, as you make progress in your meditation, you will worry less about the mind and it’s chatter, your thoughts, as you will hopefully have the realisation that you exist beyond the mind and body and emotions - don’t worry they still exist but will not run you in the same way!

The following testimonial describes this very well,

I learned how to meditate almost 30 years ago and have spent much of my life with a committed daily meditation practice. Throughout the years I’ve often immersed myself in retreat environments for months at a time. In April I sat down for the introduction to Light and Sound and was intrigued by the new focus for my meditation. I prepared for 2nd Initiation for a month and in May sat down for 10 days.

The 3-4th days my mind was like a wild tiger who was brought into captivity and paced anxiously along the wall of the Void. It wanted out beyond the limit, but could not pass. It wasn’t until my mind gave up effort that I was able to move beyond it and into the vast emptiness beyond. I had glimpsed that emptiness before in my meditation, but this time it felt as if my being actually stepped into the emptiness and the solidity of the “real world” suddenly became less real, more transparent, more like a dream. I could almost see the limit as a clear boundary where my mind could not pass.

I clearly understood that all of phenomena was created from this great vast space and as I have reemerged into my “normal life” I can see the space creeping into my everyday experience. I am more myself and less worried about how I appear to others, I often find myself seeing the world as more of a dream where all display is the display of light and sound and not separate from the Light and Sound of the meditation experience. 

My daily meditation is different now, I can connect with that space every time I sit down or even throughout my day. When thoughts arise I see them as empty, as illusions, as something that was born from the space but is not the space. I know my thoughts are not me, that I am not solid, that I was born from the womb of that great vast space and I am not separate from it. I know I am not the space, I am something beyond it and I know that because there is still an observer, a duality. My awareness can bring me into the space but there is still an observer. I have not yet discovered who I really am, what/who is observing. 

I have a deep wish to help benefit others in my lifetime and I clearly see that Enlightenment through the path of Light and Sound can help me have greater impact, more peace and happiness and overall help raise the quality of my life and the lives of those around me.

These Spiritual Beings are said to be various forms of intelligence, identities or individuals, who exist beyond the physical universe and, are collectively referred to by some people, as a Spiritual Hierarchy. Through meditation with the Light and Sound, they assist people in realising the connection between their humanity and spirituality.

By a process we humans do not fully understand, often referred to as ‘Grace’ - they are said to make the Light and Sound energy available to the planet. This is a very real energy, the results of which are known through meditating. More importantly, it is potentially available to you now.

Men and women have been striving throughout human  history for Enlightenment. Some believe they can attain enlightenment on their own. Possibly, there are people doing that right now maybe in a cave, the desert, a monastery, or wherever somewhere in the world but, for actual enlightenment to occur, using this method is extremely rare. This is where ‘Grace’ comes in.

Here’s an analogy. As you know, Enzymes in the gut help you to break down and digest food, as many foods are not easily absorbed in the stomach. Without this chemical reaction food would not be absorbed.

What enables enzymes to facilitate these chemical reactions to occur so quickly? The fundamental problem about a chemical reaction, is that you have to put the electrons – think of them as the glue that holds the atoms together in molecules –very precisely in a three-dimensional space before a reaction can happen. Normally the chemical reaction is slow because the molecules bang into each other randomly, and the electrons cannot change their bonding, that is to say they themselves cannot change the chemical bonds they are held in, because of these random processes.

What the enzyme does is take the molecules, the chemicals that are going to undergo the reaction, and it orients them very precisely so the electrons are in exactly the correct locations in space to allow the chemical bonds to be formed!

To continue with the analogy this is similar to what the Grace provided by the Spiritual Hierarchy does. The Spiritual Hierarchy provide an explosion of pure spiritual energy to cascade throughout the lower planes of consciousness. This surge of energy, untainted by the limits of form, accelerates the spirituality of those meditating on the light and sound energy.

See also FAQ “Who or what is the Spiritual Hierarchy?”

We like to think so! We are a community of like minded people worldwide. We regularly meditate together to send love out to the planet.

Some believe, such as philosopher, Timothy Morton, (see reference below) we are entering a new phase in the history of the planet, the “Anthropocene”. Morton believes all beings are interdependent, and speculates that everything in the universe has a kind of consciousness from algae and boulders to knives and forks.

“Recently, we have begun to alter the Earth so drastically that, according to many scientists, a new epoch is dawning. After the briefest of geological vacations, we seem to be entering a more volatile period.

The term Anthropocene, from the Ancient Greek word anthropos, meaning “human”, acknowledges that humans are the major cause of the earth’s current transformation. Extreme weather, submerged cities, acute resource shortages, vanished species, lakes turned to deserts, nuclear fallout: if there is still human life on earth tens of thousands of years from now, societies that we can’t imagine will have to grapple with the changes we are wreaking today. We’re not only driving global warming and ecological destruction; we know that we are.”

One of Timothy Morton’s most powerful insights is that just about anything is an environmental question, for example, when we do something as mundane as chat about the weather, pick up a plastic bag at the supermarket or water the lawn. What’s so uncomfortable about this is that our individual acts may be statistically and morally insignificant, but when you multiply them millions and billions of times – as they are performed by an entire species – they are a collective act of ecological destruction.  In short, Morton says, “everything is interconnected”.

The Spiritual Hierarchy have sent the following message:-

From where we sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:


With these three issues uppermost in peoples minds your world will be helped immeasurably.

Ref for article in the Guardian newspaper