About Us

We are a community of like minded people worldwide with a presence here in the North East. You are invited to join us on a Spiritual Journey. This opportunity is open to all, regardless of gender, status, culture, race and faith.

We know it works because people who actually do this meditation – who are willing to relax, concentrate, be open and receptive – confirm it works. Here is an opportunity to feel what it is like to meditate with the Light and Sound and have your awareness and perception of self transformed, by something greater than what you can think or imagine.

A brief History Of Light and Sound Meditation

Here is a brief history of Light and Sound meditation so you can better understand what it is and where it comes from. We guess the most important thing to say right away is that Light and Sound Meditation is actually an integral part of life, the universe, and human consciousness. The energy involved is The Energy behind everything. However, because most people are not necessarily aware of it then it can seem like something un-believable, until you experience it for yourself. You might think of it like this: Everything comes from The Source, which is Love in its purest, highest form. From this undifferentiated Source of pure Love, spiritual consciousness comes into manifestation as an energy vibration which can be perceived within meditation as Light and Sound. As this spiritual energy cools down its vibration becomes slower creating the lower levels of awareness such as mind, emotions, physical body and matter (the tangible world around us). Light and Sound Meditation is the process of tuning into these higher energy vibrations, and being guided by the intrinsic intelligence of the energy to reconnect to The Source, which is Universal Love, or the state of being which some people call Enlightenment.

The word Initiation is often used to describe the process of connecting a person to this Light and Sound Energy so that they have the potential to become aware of it and can then meditate on it. It goes without saying that the person doing the initiation must already be connected to the energy. The connection, once made, is permanent.

Today there are a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups around the world. It is important to appreciate that there is a difference between a meditation ‘guide’ teaching the philosophy or concept of Light and Sound Meditation and an actual teacher who can directly reveal to you Light and Sound Energy by initiating you and then guiding you in the practice of Light and Sound Meditation.

The ultimate reason for Light and Sound Meditation is to realise ‘Enlightenment’, whereby you transcend all limits, including the higher spiritual realms to merge with and become The Source. Beyond the physical presence of teachers and Masters there is a guiding intelligence present on all levels of spiritual consciousness. Many people are probably already familiar with the concept of Spiritual Guides, Light Beings, Angels of Light and even Ascended Masters. Throughout history there have been people who can communicate with them, and working with these intelligences, guide and teach others. A good example in recent times was Alice Bailey who channeled one such Ascended Master, Djwal Khul.

Of course this may all sound a bit hard to believe, and it was for many of us too, until it was experienced first-hand. It cannot be overstated that we do not ask you to believe what is being said, you have to discover it yourself. We like to explain things with the help of analogies. How many times have you heard authors or musicians say “I had nothing to do with it, it all just came to me out of the blue?” It’s bit like that. Unlike organised religions, there are no books or teachings you need to digest and take on board. This journey is all about your own discoveries about who you are, what is real and not real etc. Really, that is the only way for you to proceed, what we will do is guide and assist you. Nothing written here is designed to ‘convince’ you but rather we want to reveal to you the Light and Sound energy so you can experience it for yourself.

At the present time there are a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups around the world. In the 1960's in India, there was a meditation group called Divine Light, who taught Light and Sound Meditation. This was just one among many. Ordinary people were initiated into awareness of Light and Sound Energy. The ability to initiate had been passed down the family lineage and hundreds of people in India, the USA and Europe were initiated to become able to meditate upon Light & Sound Energy. One person who received this initiation was based in the UK and, after being initiated, he quickly transcended the level of awareness that his teachers had access to and realised his own Enlightenment. He discovered that not only was he able to initiate others into Light and Sound, but that he was also able to take people all the way to their Enlightenment almost at will!

In 2015 a number of people, who by now were already Enlightened themselves, made direct contact with the Hierarchy of spiritual beings. All of us, working together, are making it possible for many more people than any one person could to attain higher spiritual states, including Enlightenment.